Welcome to the Valley of Vision Las Vegas.  In our valley, there are many spiritual people and many churches striving to do what they think is right according to the truth they hold.  Their truth is from different sources, but here we will concern ourselves with the truth as the one true God has laid out through The Word, Jesus Christ.  Where is this found?  It is found in only one place and that is the Bible.  We are not concerned with church traditions that have skewed the original truth of God and made it into a whole new cloth.  The only concern we have is putting forth the love of God, the depth of that love, and how all people have hope in Christ.

This valley is starving for truth, hence the picture of the lone tree standing in a wilderness.  We will be that one lone tree, bearing lots of fruit, in this wasteland called the Las Vegas Valley.  We will be the one to plant more fruit trees in this valley to populate this valley with more vision for the one True God, His Son, Jesus the Savior of mankind, and the hope that only God can give.

Why are people, seemingly very religious people, rotting on the vine (branches)?  We believe this is so because of the lack of truth here in Las Vegas.  If those who claim God as their Master and Jesus as their Savior were truly being satisfied, there would be far less fighting, back-stabbing, in-fighting (sparring between those who believe they are Christ’s), and far more of God’s truth being preached.  There would be less church tradition being taught and more of the the truth in the Bible being taught and sought.

When sincere people, seeking sincere answers to their most troubling questions of life and death find nothing but fear, less hope, and more works-based philosophy as answers, they are looking to the wrong “leaders” and the wrong books.  I have been there and done that!  I have been in the pulpit spewing forth the same falsehoods that most others propound.  I have given the same answers they have because that’s how I was taught.  My seminary education afforded me an opportunity to make it in full-time ministry.  My ticket, though not fully, denominationally-stamped, was nonetheless a ticket to somewhere I hadn’t been, but had dreamed of for years. After teaching and preaching for many years, I, too, still had nagging questions that others could not answer according to the Bible, but only from tradition.  This was not satisfying and left me like so many; hungry for the truth that I knew was out there.

Where do people go after they die?  Why do some go to heaven and some to hell?  Why had no one, in my whole Christian life of 20+ years, ever really sat me down and told/taught me what the Bible had to say about, hell, Satan, the after-life, the Gospel, how salvation works, what will happen in the end (biblically), why should I be hopeful, etc.  I was given traditional, denominational answers, but there has never been any explanation for the apparent contradictions that these philosophies bring out.

Well, I hope this becomes a place where people can truly find peace, joy, and hope.  I hope this blog becomes the place many will find answers to their most nagging questions, and if not answers, at least pointed in the right direction to find them.  I hope to touch on a lot of very controversial modern beliefs, traditional beliefs, that have entrapped the unwitting in its nets and dragged them down into the depths of the sea of despair.

Will I succeed?  Maybe.  But I am a child of the Most High and a joint-heir with the Savior Jesus Christ and I have all confidence in them that what they want brought forth through me will come forth!  Let all who have honest questions and those who have the truth come and feed us here and be fed by us here that all of us may grow up in the Lord.

What is forthcoming on this blog?  I will be publishing our beliefs, book reviews, and teachings on what some call the Greater Hope in Jesus.  Beyond that I am not sure, but I am open for direction.

Until next time, may God’s love encompass every fiber of your being!



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  1. Dirk Moll

    Brother Craig, God truly blessed you, and may He continue to bless His broken vessel (you) while blessing others through this blog. The TRUTH shall make you free indeed! Love in Christ, your friend and fellow servant, Dirk

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