Why Don’t Believers Read Their Bibles More?

Just a short post to stimulate some thought.  What prevents you from reading your Bible more?  Some of my anecdotal evidence indicates that many believers don’t read their bibles more  (or at all!) because of what I will call an intimidation factor.  When people read the Bible for themselves and come to some understanding, but then go to “church” and hear that their understanding is wrong (infantile, they are put down, demeaned, made to feel small, weak or just plain stupid) they eventually end up not reading their Bible.  Most of the people I have asked about this issue have said they just resigned themselves to believe whatever their pastor, Sunday School teacher, etc. believe.   Some of the rationale for this is that their leaders have been to school and they haven’t, or the leaders have studied more and understand better than they do, or the leaders always have so much more insight than they do and even though they come to a different understanding of the Bible verse (passage) than their leaders, they must be wrong because their views are not the same as their leaders.

What I have faced from these people is a near total discouragement in getting close to God on their own, so they rely heavily, if not solely, on the faith and belief of those around them.  When asked what they believe about any doctrine, they merely rattle off some scholar, theologian, or pastors’ belief and say, “that’s what I believe.”

Curious, I now ask, what is your experience ?  Have you experienced people like this or attitudes/ reasons like these?


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