Apology to Those I Have Taught

As I have been studying the Bible lately, and coming to the realization that I guess I always knew but was afraid to say, the translations we have today of the Bible are not inspired by God and therefore have, at times, many errors in them.  I believe God inspired the original writings of the original authors.  I believe those autographs are inerrant, and infallible, and sufficient for us.  And, through my studies lately, I have again come to remember that what we have today in the manuscript evidence is very trustworthy.  The discoveries of ancient texts is wonderful and confirms for us that there is still relevance for us today in pursuing God and what He wrote to those ancient believers, that we may learn some things about God ourselves.  However, we must remember several things.  First, we don’t have any inspired translations and EVERY translation has errors in it.  Every English translation you pick up will err in some fashion, and some are downright heretical!  Second, we must, as we study the Bible, be diligent in seeking to understand what God was saying, and at times this may  mean finding the errors in our translations, or questioning the things we find that seem to be contradictory or difficult or just plain strange.  We must not cling to our translations today as if they are inerrant and they are inspired.

Unfortunately, I have taught many people in the past that the Bibles we have today are so accurate, because we have such great manuscript support, that they are true (correct, without error) nearly without question.  Please forgive me for this false teaching and leading you into a wrong belief.  It is only when we understand this truth, that our English translations contain many translation errors in them, that we can begin to truly seek the truth from God and go forward in our faith.  Knowing that our translations are in error at points then frees us to not cling so tightly to the false traditions established by these errors and frees us to seek what I call the true truth, the real Holy Spirit revealed truth of the Scriptures we have today.  I pray God will forgive me for this sin and I pray that those of you I have taught will forgive me as well.  I hope to write about some of these errors in the future, that maybe I can undo what I have done in the past.  If you have some questions as to errors you think you have found, let me know so we can study them together.

Blessings to you and much love in Christ!




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3 responses to “Apology to Those I Have Taught

  1. Lorraine Malone

    Hi Craig: Maybe a good practice to do before we start to read the Scriptures is to pray that God will open our minds and our hearts as to what truth HE wants to reveal to us. Because we are open to HIS WORD, I believe HE will show us exactly what we should be learning through HIS WORD. It takes a very strong and humble man to admit his mistakes, so I commend you for sharing this with everyone. However, I know that you would only teach what you believe God has revealed to you. Love you. Aunt Lorraine

    • Thank you for your edification in this. Put in another way, my content may have been wrong, which when wrong is me getting in the way of the Holy Spirit’s truth, but my motivation has always been to be pleasing and glorifying to God, to build up His saints for the work of ministry, and to glory in Him for the results. Many do not know what they are truly undertaking, as I had, when seeking to teach the Word to people, but I at least am knowing now why Paul said not many should be teachers! I teach less now than before, and try to talk a lot less (meaning I don’t feel the need to know all the answers any more), but when I do, I hope it is quality rather than quantity (to be known for the many words I speak , pray, etc.). Thanks again for your love in Christ! I do believe God is revealing more to me today than He ever has, and just maybe because I am more ready to sit and listen rather than show Him how much I know! Bless you!

      • Dirk

        What a great (honest and humble) example of a true disciple of Christ. I am sooooo glad to have such a faithful friend in Christ 🙂

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