What Does God Will?

As I am hoping to finish this book review in the next month or two, and as I study the verses I will be sharing very soon in conjunction with the next part of the book review, this is one question I am going to seek to answer.  Everyone throws around the terms “God’s will,” but few seek after it, and I fear, even fewer still, have any clue what God’s will is.  This, I believe, will be a journey that will yield huge results and as I get results I will share them with you.  If you have any starting points (verses) I would love for you to share them with me.  Not wanting to be selfish, but, it would be a great help to start that journey.   Just to let you know, part of my reason for this is because I believe that all believers need to read Scripture afresh.  I believe every believer needs to quit speculating about this or that and go to the Word and find the truth (versus merely believing what someone else tells them!).  My challenge to myself, and to you, if you should accept it, is to drop as many pre-suppositions as I (you) can re-read the Bible to find the “real” truth.  I believe all believers have a small measure of truth or a great measure of partial truth, but a re-read from a new perspective will change many things.  One of the things I believe it will change is my (your) evangelistic effort.  We shall see!  Jump on board and ride this train with me!

In Christ’s Love and Service,



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