Pause in Posts But Still Working on Book Review

Just a quick note to all readers.  I have forgone posting due to an upcoming wedding I will be conducting for a family member.  It has taken some of my focus off blogging but I am still studying to finish chapter 8 of my book review on Hell Under Fire.  I also have been suffering a few health issues causing some pain and requiring some medication.  It is hard to think when under the influence of pain meds.  Though that may not be resolved any time soon, I am regulating my studying and blogging to coordinate my best times to conduct my research and writing.  Anyway, I am excited to finish this chapter.  I have pretty much completed my personal study and commentary on approximately 35 separate passages of scripture.  I am now compiling some resource links and other scholarly works for the reader to verify the conclusions I have drawn from my reading and understanding of these passages.  I hope that I will write my conclusions in a manner that is easily understood and especially, that the links I provide will be pursued as a good Berean would.

Thanks for your patience and your continued reading.  After this review is completed I look forward to adding some pages and extending my Beliefs page to finish that off.  Also, I plan on tackling subjects that are of interest to you and me.  Send me some emails or comments regarding things you would like to see covered by my studies in theology and the Bible.  Lastly, I would like to thank all the new followers of my blog.  I appreciate you and look forward to your future comments to my writings.  May God continue to bless each one of you and give you the desires of your heart as they conform to His will.

In Christ’s Love,



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