Does Your Church Make You Feel Like This?

A friend asked me to check out these two videos, the previous one and this one, and post if I could to show examples of what Christianity is not!  If you are a believer in Jesus, you have freedom that some Christians don’t want you to have, because “everything you do is a sin,” including what you do or don’t do on Sunday! Think about it!  (P.S. I do not endorse the video producer nor do I encourage you to subscribe or view any of his other videos.  This one just happened to have the lyrics with it,otherwise I would have posted the “official video.”

Here you go!



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2 responses to “Does Your Church Make You Feel Like This?

  1. Dirk

    The Apostle Paul:

    “Not that we are constantly acting like your owners (exercising lordship with regards to you; performing like your masters) with regard to the faith, but to the contrary, we exist being (we are) fellow workers regarding and pertaining to your joy, for you folks have taken a stand and continue to stand in, by and for the faith.” (2.Cor.1:24)'s_a_Sin

    Chris Lowe and Neil Tennant (The Pet Shop Boys) are confessing homosexuals, and homosexuality is biblical speaking a perversion in gender expression (it’s a sin indeed).

    Nevertheless, the song is a good reflection of countless frustrated souls who know nothing else but the hell and brimstone (false) Gospel, as being taught and proclaimed by many institutional Christian denominations. No wonder this song was such a hit 😦

    • There is no doubt that biblically, homosexuality is a sin. The truly unfortunate thing is that Christians have not sought to deal with this biblically, but merely to preach hell as you said. And then, I believe because of this,the homosexual tunes out and continues to promote everything sexual because that sin defines their existence in that lifestyle. And so, two ships pass in the night and miss having any meaningful contact. We continue to “preach eternal conscious torment for the sin of homosexuality” to our choir, and they continue to preach “they are unloving monsters and want to restrict our freedom to have sex any way we want”to their choir. Nothing changes. Self-righteousness reigns in both camps. We must drop all of this and not only tell of God’s love, but show it and leave the unscriptural hell-fire damnation off of our message. It was not Jesus’ message, ,nor the apostles, and it should not be ours!

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