Not Perpetuating the Ruling Elite

Many of you realize that the New Testament was written in what is commonly known as Koine Greek, a dialect of Greek that the common man used. After reading soooo many theological books from seminary professors, engaging in many theological discussions with self-professed theologians and seminary-educated pastors, and engaging in on-line blog discussions, I have come to realize that all our theological jargon and education matters not one wit to the common man. It is merely a perpetuation of an elite class of “believers” century after century that does nothing more than keep the separation between the church ruling class and the common man alive. I, for one, will not perpetuate this separation and will do all I can to speak and write to those who really matter; the ones who are crying out for answers to life’s everyday issues about good and evil, the afterlife and what comes next when we die, hope, and the like. I will continue to speak the truth to the “seminary” types, but will not argue with them. Honest questions will always deserve honest answers, but I am done with the smugness and arrogance and false humility and condescension given me and those I love by the “ruling elite!” You may have your filioque clause and hypostasis and the like. I will seek to give everyone the ultimate hope of the Good News of Jesus Christ in “Koine” English! Jesus had nothing but disdain for the ruling elite and spent his time with the common man. That’s good enough for me from now on!

A goal I have just set, based on some of what I wrote above, is to write my first book.  I have over 100 pages already written, but will now have to go back and revise some of what I wrote.  I still have about 40 more pages to write and then will need to add much in the editing/revision process.  I estimate that it will be 180-200 pages.  But, my goal also is to write a book for everyone to read.  I do not want to write so the reader will need a theological dictionary next to them when they turn the pages.  I will be looking to enlist some help with some of the chapters and I have a few people in mind.  I would like to include you, my readers, in some of this project.  I will post the help I need and would really love if you would spend some time helping the cause of Christ.

Thanks for your help and support as I undertake this project.


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