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No matter what you think of me, whether I am, in your eyes, a heretic, lunatic, some other type of -ic, or caught up in some -ism that is “deadly,” we as Americans are losing our freedoms at an alarming rate.  And, in the not too distant future, if things do not radically change, we will lose our right to assemble, both publicly and privately, with whatever group we choose.  Some people have already lost their freedom to meet as a Bible study group because of Homeowners Associations (HOA) rules or town ordinances.  If you think it cannot happen here, in the U.S., think again!  I truly desire for you to read and consider what Brandon Chase has to say in this blog article.  I also recommend you check out some of the other writings by Jeremy Myers and Brandon Chase.  I, of course, do not agree with everything they believe, but they do have some writings worth considering.

What if there were no churches?

Let me know what you think or drop me a comment if you post a comment on the article itself.  That way I may be edified by your wisdom as well.

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