Hallelujah in Hell Video by Peter Hiett

I watched this video today and found myself very emotional over it.  What do you think of this proposal?  Please watch with an open mind and with the thought of what God’s love can do to even the hardest of hearts.  Let me know what you think.  Agree?  Disagree?  Let’s talk!







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2 responses to “Hallelujah in Hell Video by Peter Hiett

  1. Emotional? Yes, because Peter and his story have helped me see the heavenly chorus of all God’s image-bearers crying out to Him in one voice, “Hallelujah and praise and honor and glory to the Father and to the Lamb!” All people, all those saved during this brief earthly sojourn and all those who were “thrown into heaven” from a standpoint of unbelief, won over by God’s presence and overwhelmed by His love! Do you hear the heavenly chorus ringing out? Do you hear your own voice amongst it? Do you hear your formerly unsaved neighbor’s voice? Do you hear? You can join this heavenly chorus today and be united with God’s one heart and one message – salvation in Christ alone and the love that refuses to be defeated! Turn your ear and hear the angelic and heavenly chorus singing out to the one true God! Turn your lips and sing out in unison praises to the one and only Father of all!

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