Think Deeply About the Following Quote

I am posting a quote here that really stood me up and caused me to stop and think deeply about the ramifications of the thought, and especially how many non-Christians view God.  I exhort you to really think about what is being said about God in this quote and to also consider the basic tenets of Christian/Evangelical Universalism.  If you do not know what that belief system is, comment and I will respond personally to you.  Also, if you would like the info on the quote, who posted it and where, send me a comment and I will post that info here.  Here is the quote:


“I love you so much.  Let me save you from what I’m going to do to you if you don’t let me save you.”


I look forward to your comments.  I especially challenge those of you who have commented on this blog and support hell as eternal conscious torment to respond and give me your explanation/defense of this attitude.  Blessings to you!




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3 responses to “Think Deeply About the Following Quote

  1. the new liberty

    There is no defense and it presents a God who is the greatest cause of failure in His own operation. I have considered the ideas behind this and they really cause me to shake my head

    • Chris, thanks for commenting here and for your thoughts. I understand the shaking the head part. I have done that repeatedly as I have begun a new phase in my discipleship, one that drops denominationalism as much as possible and just tries to understand the text without all the presuppositions I used to carry. I have moved passed the “I have been lied to” phase to the pity phase and now on to the awestruck phase of truly how good God really is and what that love and goodness means for all those around me! I am still struggling with loving all people but it is getting much easier to talk to all people which is a huge step towards loving all people. Blessings in your search for the “true” God, and His Son Jesus Christ, the Word made flesh Who dwelt among us and could not be silenced by the darkness because he is light! Peace, brother!
      In Christ’s love,

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