We Are Not Born Sinners, But Rather Mortal

I was reading some teachings on Romans 5 recently and these few statements I will share jumped out at me and I wanted to get your thoughts.  Here is the first:


“We are not born sinners, but rather mortal.”


This statement does not intimate that mankind does not sin, but merely that Adam was born sinless, sinned, and brought with his sin, death upon the rest of mankind. In other words, his sin wrought mortality on all the rest of mankind.  It is not sin that is passed on but death (mortality) through Adam to us.


“If death is temporary (and it is), then so is sin.  So, if God eliminates death, sin automatically disappears.”


God eliminated death by raising Christ from the dead.  I would really love to hear your thoughts on these teachings I read by Martin Zender in his recent ZWTF Volume 3, Issue 43.  It sounds OK to me, but I value the thoughts (counsel) of multiple believers to keep things on track.  Let me know what you believe and why.  Blessings to you!




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