Short Question Of Utmost Importance!

Real quick – I read an example today that I must share and hopefully you will share your insights in the comments below. Here goes:

One day a man’s bank account number was found by a person who then proceeded to deposit 50 million dollars in it.  This donor knew the person’s name but did not call the man to tell him about the deposit.  The man continued living his life, struggling to pay his bills and stressing over his future, yet apparently, because of his poverty, did not bother to check his account balance (bear with me, OK!).  Then one day the donor sent him a letter instructing him to check his balance in his bank account. The man did, and his life was changed.

Question: When did this man become a millionaire?

Now for the hook.  I will post again in a few days with another story that YOU WILL NOT WANT TO MISS!  So, stay tuned!  How was that for promotion?


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