I am a truth-seeker, not a traditionalist.  I am seeking to follow the Word of God as closely as possible and to make sense out of the whole book, not just pet doctrines according to a denomination or tradition.  I no longer desire to prove I am right but to explore God and who He is.  My desire is to please God and to do that, I believe, requires a strong stance and willingness to stand against church traditions that are neither biblical nor glorifying to God.

I have been involved in churches that are Dispensational, others that were more Reformed/Calvinistic, and now seek to cast off these previous systems of belief that have tended to teach more church than Jesus, more works than grace, more man-centeredness than God-centeredness.  Though many professing Christians are well-meaning, I believe that many have been merely duped into thinking that we have to GO to church rather than being the church.  I believe oh so many get together on Sundays to feel good about themselves and their lot in life rather than sincerely following God wherever He leads.  I think that should intense persecution come to the American Christian church we will see people flee to the point that there may be one church in a city, a church of true followers and martyrs (witnesses) of the true faith.  This would be a good thing.

No longer can we say we are pleasing God and having such separation amongst His people.  The logical outcome of most denominations is a handful of people sitting around saying how right they are and how everyone else is wrong when it comes to doctrine and God.  Actions speak loud and when anyone who comes to a church has to believe exactly the way they do, or they are not accepted, tradition has trumped truth and demise is its end.

Would your church or fellowship accept someone like me, who has eschewed the doctrine of eternal torment in hell and embraced a God who not only says He is love but shows it by restoring all people and things to Himself, just as Jesus said?  My guess is “NO” but  that is OK because my peace from God is steady and tranquil and no longer based on what I do or others do, but on who God is and what He has done for me, giving me salvation in Jesus.  The picture on our main page shows a lone Joshua tree standing in the middle of the desert.  This represents how those who believe in true biblical universalism are in relation to the traditional church today.  I want to be that Joshua tree standing in the middle of this large Las Vegas valley, ready to provide shade and life-giving comfort from God’s Word.  If you know of others in the Valley here that would like some “life-giving shade,” please have them contact me/us through this blog.   I will put together a doctrinal statement and post it under a “Beliefs” page that will allow many to feel more comfortable and most likely categorize me.  This will help many to discount me without knowing me and without seeking to get answer to their questions directly from me.  That’s OK, I expect it.  My parting words for now are, may the peace that God has given me, and the joy He has filled my heart with, overcome you as well that you may know Him and love Him as He loves you, unconditionally and unreservedly!  Peace be unto you, my brothers and sisters!

Craig Schmidt


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